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Web Developer Salary Average
Web Developer Salary Average

Let’s talk about the web developer salary average today. Web developers create the backbone of all your websites. Web developers are people who have business experience instead of a bachelor degree in computer science and programming. A good web developer should be able to recognize the needs of its customers. They should have consulting and problem-solving skills. HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, and so on.

web developer salary
web developer salary

When you have these kinds of skills, you will have a linear job opportunity and your salary will be high. By 2018, a web developer salary ranges from $ 78,000 to $ 88,000 on average. However, the web developer’s salary varies according to the sector in which it is found.


Web Developer Salary Average in Different Industries


Web developers are already working with Aerospace and Defense for $ 91,000, Banking and Financial services for $ 94,000, Energy and Utilities for $ 98,000, and Internet and Tech for $ 99,000 in salary averages. Of course, these web developer salaries are calculated on an annual basis.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the web developer wages his work experience, not his bachelor’s degree. Therefore, it is necessary to consider salary distributions according to years of experience as well as different sectors.


Web Developer Salary Average by Different Experiences

The web developer salary average is $ 67,000 per year, with no experience or one year of experience. Average 5-year experienced web developer salary average $ 85,000, 10-14 years experienced web developer salary average $ 98,000. Those who do this job for more than 15 years receive an average salary of $ 104,000 a year.


Although this is done in many parts of the United States, the web developer center in San Francisco. Silicon Valley is here; Companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, and Intel are among the main reasons for the huge number of web developers in San Francisco. Web developer salary in San Francisco is up to $ 124,000.


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