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Psychiatrist Salary in UK

Hello there! Today I am going to talk about Psychiatrist Salary in UK (United Kingdom), which is in the category of medicine salary. I have never written about the United Kingdom until today, so this will be the first time.

Psychiatrist Salary in UK
Psychiatrist Salary in UK

What is the average Psychiatrist Salary in UK?

London is Britain’s political, economic and cultural capital and a world-class tourist attraction. It is also the largest city in the United Kingdom. For this reason, finding a job for psychiatrists in London is not that difficult.

The annual average salary of a psychiatrist in London is £ 53,800. In addition, the distribution of working psychiatrists in London is very interesting. Because, according to PayScale.com, 50% of psychiatrists in London are women and 50% are men.

This image is from PayScale.com
This image is from PayScale.com

In Birmingham, the average psychiatrist salary is even higher. For example, it is 36% above the national average. This equates to an annual average of £ 120,000. In Leeds, psychiatrists earn 9% less than the national average. So, the annual average is £ 80,600.

When we go to the north of the island, we encounter Northern Ireland and Scotland. Scotland’s average psychiatrist salary is £ 72,250 per year. The average psychiatric salary in Glasgow, one of Scotland’s major cities, is approximately £ 61,650 per year. In Edinburgh, one of the most important historic cities, they earn an average of about £ 78,700 a year.

To the south of the United Kingdom is Wales. Wales is located in the west of England. Psychiatrist wages in Wales average about £ 87,900 a year. Cardiff is Wales’s largest city. The average psychiatrist salary in Cardiff is around £ 95,300 annually. This is a really nice salary.

As you can see, there are 4 different countries in the UK and I have tried to give you information about the average annual psychiatric salary in these countries as soon as I can. When you go to the job interview in the light of this information, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.


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