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Pharmacist Salary in San Francisco
Pharmacist Salary in San Francisco

Hello friends! In this article, I will tell you about pharmacist salary in San Francisco. I tried to sort out the 4 things you were curious about. I hope you can make use of.


pharmacist salary in San Francisco
pharmacist salary in San Francisco

What does the pharmacist do?

Pharmacists can work for hospitals and medical clinics as well as for pharmacists. Pharmacists working for the hospital are analyzing the drugs at the same time. Pharmacists compare prescriptions written by doctors with other medicines that patients use. In this way, mistakes that can occur can be reduced. So pharmacists have a very important place for our health. Pharmacist Salary in San Francisco is determined by these skills.

How many women are the pharmacists in San Francisco?

It is very difficult to say that men’s or women’s profession is for pharmacy. Especially this is even more complicated for San Francisco. Because 50,2% of working pharmacists are male and 49,8% are female.

What is the average Pharmacist Salary in San Francisco?

A pharmacist earns an annual average of $ 110,962 in San Francisco. The annual salary ranges from $ 51.953 to $ 152.020. With the bonus, the total is between $ 76,737 and $ 158,796. As you noticed, the salary range is really high. That means; your experience and your educational development in the profession are taking part in your salary.

Does the pharmacist’s salary varies greatly depending on the experience level?

As in many professions, there is a positive trend between experience and salary in pharmacy. Experienced employees receive higher salaries, while inexperienced or less experienced workers receive lower salaries. Pharmacists with less than 5 years of experience usually earn $ 114,000 a year. Those who experience between 5-10 years earn an annual average of $ 125,000. Those who have 10-20 years of experience earn $ 150,000 and those who have more than 20 years of experience earn $ 136,000.

It is understood from this; Unfortunately, the salary of people who work for many years in the profession falls. I think 10 to 20 years as the ideal working time. At least I made such a deduction.


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