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Paralegal Salary in Charlotte
Paralegal Salary in Charlotte

Paralegal salary in Charlotte We have been wondering about many of the curiosities about you. Such an article appeared in the middle, I hope you like it.

paralegal salary in Charlotte
paralegal salary in Charlotte

What is Paralegal?

The paralegal is a profession between secretary and lawyer. Paralegals have a wide range of business scopes ranging from conducting legal research to writing agreements. Often, judges work for law firms, legal departments of companies or courts. These professionals also provide legal support to lawyers.

What needs to be done to become a paralegal?

To qualify for a paralegal, an associate degree or certificate is required. Some employers may also want paralegals to have a relevant undergraduate degree. Employers often demand experience from their previous job on candidates who are often made to become paralegals.

How much is the paralegal salary in Charlotte for entry level?

Charlotte is an important financial center in North Carolina. There are about 827,000 people living in this city with an unemployment rate of 4.5%. The average income of people is $ 53,247. The cost of living is 2.80% less than the US average.

Entry level paralegal salary in Charlotte is about $ 14.24 per hour. This equates to an annual average of $ 35,000. You can increase your salary with medical records, legal research, Microsoft Office, typing and litigation case management skills.

Entry-level paralegals in Charlotte 95% is female. Employees are very satisfied with the work they do and the salary they receive. They may be connected to live in Charlotte, even though they get a salary of 7% lower than the national average. Because the cost of living is lower than the US average.

In addition, senior paralegals earn an average salary of between $ 45,000 and $ 60,000. Paralegal supervisors receive $ 70,000, while paralegal managers receive an average of $ 90,000.


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