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Medical Assistant Salary in Different Regions
Medical Assistant Salary in Different Regions

As noted in the title, the medical assistant salary varies according to different regions. In the United States, medical assistants, one of the fastest growing careers for all professions, work in treatment centers such as doctors and medical offices and clinics. The increase in the number of physician offices and treatment centers, the increase in the number of people who need technological developments and medical care, is increasing the demand for this profession.

medical assistant salary
medical assistant salary

It is envisaged that between 2016 and 2026, 29% of medical assistants will be employed. This means that 184,000 people will have new jobs as medical assistants.

The Several States and Medical Assistant Salary


While the medical assistant salary was on average $ 30,000 in 2010, it has now exceeded $ 40,000. The medical assistant salary is $ 42,000 in Alaska in the United States and $ 37,500 in Minnesota. The medical assistant salary in the District of Columbia is $ 39,500, $ 38,000 in Washington and $ 39,000 in Massachusetts.

The stress level of the medical assistant is the average level when it is examined in terms of complexity of work environment and responsibilities. Flexibility is very low when considering alternative work schedule and work-life balance. Although job employment is high, the increase in medical assistant salary is low. Currently, there are medical assistant jobs in California, Missouri, New Jersey, Georgia and Maryland with salaries ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 61,000.

Medical Assistant Being Qualities


94% of the medical assistants are women, and 6% are male. When choosing this profession, you may want to consider this too. It is the main task of the medical assistants to clear the place where the treatment is to be done and to note the medicines that the patients already use their vital information. Besides that, when you are hired, you can also have to take blood and dress up.

You must be a high school diploma or a GED (General Educational Development) certificate to be a medical assistant. Completing your medical assistant certification programs in accredited medical assistant schools will also put you ahead of your competitors. You should know how to use a computer and have excellent communication skills. You better have them in order to overcome your medical assistant salary average.


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