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Electrician Salary in Minnesota
Electrician Salary in Minnesota

Have a nice day! I am here with the information you need to be aware of and wondering about the electrician salary in Minnesota. I have searched for this topic for you and wrote this article. So let’s get started.

Electrician Salary in Minnesota
Electrician Salary in Minnesota

What does an electrician do?

Electrician builds and maintains all the electrical and power systems of homes, factories, and businesses. They are responsible for the placement and maintenance of cables that provide electrical flow.

Many electricians work alone but sometimes collaborate with others. For example, experienced electricians can work with civil engineers and architects to help design electrical systems for new buildings. Some electricians may also contact elevator installers and other construction professionals, such as heating and air conditioning workers, to assist in installing or maintaining electrical or power systems.

What are the tasks of an electrician?

Electricians typically do the following:

  • Read the plans or technical drawings of the construct.
  • Repair or replace cabling, equipment or fittings using hand tools and power tools.
  • Inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers.
  • Identify electrical problems using a variety of testing devices.
  • Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment.

Working areas, conditions and more

Work Environment

The electricians work both indoors and outdoors, in homes, workplaces, factories, and in workshops. Since electrician must go to different work areas, local or intercity trips are usually necessary.

Injuries and Illnesses

The electricians have more injury and illness rate than national average.

Work Schedules

Almost all electricians work full-time to cover evenings and weekends. However, work programs may change under extreme weather conditions.

What about electrician salary in Minnesota?

Before you answer this question, you should know that the electricians are separated according to their experience. An apprentice electrician clocks an average of $ 28. This salary corresponds to 22% of the national average. An electrician watches an average of $ 33 per hour. This means 48% more than the national average. If the foreman is an electrician, the clock will run at an average of $ 36. This salary amounts to 37% of the US average. In this case, I can say that being an electrician in Minnesota is a very profitable profession compared to other states.


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