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Data Analyst Salary in India
Data Analyst Salary in India

Greet India! Today I will talk about data analyst salary in India. I know how you change this salary in different cities. Especially in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, this is a matter of curiosity.

Data Analyst Salary in India
Data Analyst Salary in India

What Do Data Analysts Do?

You should know that; such as sales figures, market research, logistics and shipping costs. It is this data that a data analyst needs to do and use it to help companies make better decisions. This could mean how to price new materials for the market, how to reduce shipping costs, solve company-wide problems, or determine how many people should work on Saturdays.

Job Skills and Requirements

  • Analytical Skills: Data analysts work with data in large quantities. They must analyze the data to find the results.
  • Communication Skills: Data analysts turn their findings into presentations or understandable documents. For this reason, the data analysts’ communication skills must be very good.
  • Critical Thinking: Data analysts look at numbers, trends, and data and come up with new results based on findings.
  • Attention to Detail: Data analysts should be alert to arrive at accurate results in their analysis.
  • Math Skills: Data analysts need mathematical skills to predict numerical data.

How much does a data analyst salary in India make?

India, or its official name, Republic of India, is the largest country in South Asia. The world is the seventh great country. Currency is Indian Rupee – ₹ -. The capital is New Delhi. Bombay is the other major cities in Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital of India’s Karnataka state and is known as Asia’s “Silicon Valley”. This city is more prominent in technology and trade. India’s technology city is also one of the ten regions preferred by entrepreneurs around the world.

The data analyst salary is the average annual ₹ 404,660 in India. The average salary in Bangalore is 398,796. The Bombay average is over 7% of the national average and is ₹ 434,195. New Delhi average is ₹ 419,660.


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