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CNA Salary in Georgia

I wrote an article for you about CNA Salary in Georgia (GA). I think that you can reach a lot of things that you are wondering about in this article. You can also check other assistant salaries on our website.

CNA Salary in Georgia
CNA Salary in Georgia

How much is the CNA salary in Georgia average?

CNA salary in Georgia, GA has a pretty nice average. Because the United States averages $ 24,000. Why did I say such a good thing? Because the CNA salary in Georgia averages about $ 29,000.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

A certified nurse assistant or CNA helps patients with daily living and other healthcare needs under direct supervision. It is confused with the medical assistant (MA) and licensed practical nurse (LPN).

These three professions are to help doctors, nurses. While medical assistants assist doctors in patient care and treatment, certified nurse assistants are directly involved in patient care. To be LPN, known as the licensed practical nurse, requires a license. This license may be obtained by a state examination.

CNA business tasks include:

  • Adjust bed and charts of patients
  • Evaluate physical conditions of patients to help diagnosis and treatment
  • Run medical equipment
  • Apply bandages, dressings, or braces
  • Move sicks to or from treatment areas
  • Prepare medical tools for use
  • Account for technical medical information to sicks

What are Certified Nurse Assistant qualities?

CNAs play an important role in the healthcare team, and if you become a CNA to be a career choice, you will have the opportunity to make a difference and help others. CNAs must also have several important features to be successful. These skills may vary by location and institution, but on average, CNAs should have the following characteristics:

  • Communication skills for the patient’s family
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Observation skills as the sense of awareness
  • Patience since basic needs of patients
  • Physical stamina due to prepare reports on time
CNA Salary in Georgia
This image is from PayScale.com.

The highest CNA salary is in Atlanta, one of Georgia’s most important cities, at $ 31,000. In addition, according to research conducted by PayScale.com, a large majority of CNAs working in Atlanta are women.


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