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CCNA Salary | What is CCNA and How Much Is? – SalaryAverage.net

CCNA Salary
CCNA Salary

Hello there! Welcome to SalaryAverage.net. I wrote a very interesting article about CCNA salary. I hope you will find this article before you get this Cisco certification. Also available on our website is the average engineering salary on which CCNA can be used.

CCNA Salary - Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNA Salary – Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA salary how much money?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification that targets those who are in the field of information technology. Achieving the CCNA is a good start for an IT career. The certificate will open your door to higher employment, greater job security and the ability to work in a rewarding position. Achieving a CCNA brings about salary increases. CCNA salary levels vary according to region, experience, and grade. However, even if people who are receiving CCNA are inexperienced, they can start their network career. CCNA gives people such an advantage.

According to PayScale.com, the CCNA salary is around $74,000 annually. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, of course, this price will change if the conditions such as the institution, region, etc. where the certificate will be taken are taken into consideration. Infosec Institute CCNA median salary by cities list $76,516 in New York, New York, $71,495 in Chicago, Illinois, $70,027 in Atlanta, Georgia, $70,920 in Houston, Texas, $72,484 in Dallas, Texas , $82,518 in Washington, District of Columbia, and $95,183 in San Jose, California.

CCNA Salary by State

The average salary across the country is an important thing. However, learning regional salaries gives more accurate results. A salary range or cost of living varies by state and region. The chart below is from indeed.com and shows CCNA salary results organized by the state. As you can see, the first three are shared by New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Having CCNA in these states is a great advantage in these areas. Hawaii, Idaho, and Nebraska are at the bottom of the list.

CCNA Salary by State
CCNA Salary by State

What job role is CCNA used for?

Although CCNA certification is used for almost all jobs in IT, it is mostly used for the following occupations:


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