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As you know, every living thing that lives on earth is born, grows, develops, grows and dies. We are continuing our life in this way. We are involved in many natural wars while continuing our lives. In the past, many people have died or survived by natural selection. However, advances in medicine have allowed us to hold on to our dreams. With the finding of the vaccine, the medicine made enormous progress. Therefore, the medical industry is a professional sector that will never lose interest. I think that you are curious about medicine salary when there is so much interest in the medical industry. So let's talk about medicine salary. Job Options and Medicine Salary After graduation, you can work directly with Cardiologist, Clinical radiologist, General practice doctor, Hospital doctor, Pathologist, Physician associate, Psychiatrist and Surgeon and you can have the medicine salary in mind. You can also work in Anesthetist, Healthcare scientist, genomics, International aid/development worker, Mental health nurse, Midwife, Neurologist, Paramedic.

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