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Scientists put up a problem, and engineers solve it. They produce solutions to the needs of mankind. Most of the things that make our life more pleasant, more efficient and safer are engineering products. That's why engineering salary is a really curious topic. You should know that there are close to thirty-five engineering categories. There is a separate engineering salary for each engineering category. Is Engineering Salary Different Only By Category? Engineering salaries vary according to the countries as well as the categorical differences. Where you live in engineering salary, you should investigate this well. Engineering Categories We have sorted the engineering categories for you by the order of letter. Aerospace, agricultural, architectural, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, construction, electrical, electronics, environmental, geotechnical, industrial, manufacturing, marine, materials, mechanical, metallurgical, mining, network, nuclear, packaging, petroleum, process, project, quality, safety, sales, software, solar, structural, systems and telecommunications engineering. You should know that there is an engineering category besides all these.

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