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In this category, I will give you information about the administrative salary. Administrative expertise will examine administrative, administrative healthcare, customer service/call center, data entry, human resources, management, office services, and reception. To learn administrative skills, you should first know the area of expertise you are working with. What administrative expertise do you want to work in? It includes the strategies of the Healthcare Administration or the Administrative Healthcare health system, also called the Medical Administration. These strategies are the daily or long term. Customer service is the process of ensuring satisfaction with a product or service. Often, it is done with processes such as selling or returning an item. Customer service can be through personal interaction, telephone calls, self-service systems, or other means. Human resources are used to describe both the people working in a company and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees. The human resources department is one of the most sought after areas of expertise in administrative salary. Human resources managers focus on Recruiting and staffing Compensation and benefits, Training and learning, Labor and employee relations, Organization development.