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Business Administration Salary in Texas

Have a nice day! If you want to work in business management in Texas, I think you will have a very successful job interview if you read this article before your job application. Because the information you’ll get from the business administration salary in Texas is quite useful. I had previously written about the dental hygienist salary in Texas. Yes, let’s start.

Business Administration Salary in Texas
Business Administration Salary in Texas

How much is the annual average of business administration salary in Texas?

There are many salary research websites about business administration salary in Texas. According to Glassdoor.com‘s research, the business administrator salary in Texas is about $ 60,390 per year. This average is based on the salary of 377 employees. If you want to reach more and write your own salary as a comment if you are working, you can visit the website.

According to my research, a business administration in Texas has an annual salary of approximately $ 50,229. In addition, this means that the salary is 6% less than the national average.

Let’s take a look at the cities of Texas. Because different cities usually mean different salaries. Dallas is one of the most important cities in Texas. Business administration salary is lower in Dallas than in Texas. This salary of business administrations with an average annual salary of $ 44,916 is 16% lower than the national average.

Business administration salary, of course, shows a parallel increase with experience. Because experience is as important as it is in many sectors. Professor – Business Administration’s approximate annual average salary is distributed according to cities: $ 115,120 in Austin, $ 116,055 in Dallas, $ 118,275 in Houston, and $ 114,185 in San Antonio.

What is business administration?

People who have an entrepreneurial spirit, think globally, have good communication skills, motivate their employees, and are capable of planning and managing are often administrator.

Business management graduates often work in the HR Director, Financial Controller, Operations Manager, HR Manager, and Office Manager jobs.


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