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Assistant Salary
Assistant Salary

The assistant is the person who provides help and support. It can also be defined as the person holding secondary rank or function in an office or workplace. No worker or boss alone can easily get out of a job. An assistant must be present to simplify a job. Every job must have an assistant. Therefore, assistants and assistant salary are very important. If assistants are not satisfied with their salaries and working conditions, they may leave the job. This may leave you in a difficult position. The assistants must also receive the salary they deserve.

Assistant Salary
Assistant Salary

The assistant in the medical and financial professions, especially in the administrative sector, is a necessary job. Because these jobs are complex and like a spider web. Each intersection point, ie the job, has a separate task. For example, the task of doctors is to treat and diagnose patients. The medical assistant is responsible for patient care and housekeeping. In addition, physicians need assistance during surgery or in the clinic. There are physician assistant jobs in appointments with the patients in the doctor’s office. This gives importance to the physician assistant salary.

Each manager must have an assistant. It is the duty of the administrative assistant to organize their meetings, business meals, and appointments. The person cannot keep up with all the work. Man is a social being. For this reason, assistance and assistant must be. This is why the administrator assistant salary is gaining importance.

Top 4 Pay of Assistant Salary

I searched for you the most wanted and most helpful assistant salaries on the Internet. So much fun and beautiful information appeared.

1. Physician Assistant Salary

Most wondered assistant salary is physician assistant salary. Physician assistants, also known as PA, perform hands-on medicine with a team of physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals. PAs examine patients, diagnose and treat the disease. Physician assistants have a wide range of tasks, such as examining the medical history of patients, interpreting diagnostic tests such as blood tests and X-rays, diagnosing diseases, detecting broken bones, and hitting vaccinations. These tasks include preparing a prescription, ensuring the quality of patient care, and training families about dangerous diseases. Given these tasks, the physician assistant salary should be kept at a level that will make employees happy.

2. Dental Assistant Salary

Another wonder is the dental assistant salary. Dental assistants take on many tasks, such as patient care, X-ray, record keeping and setting up appointment times. People who help the dentist who can prepare materials for dental measurements work under the supervision of the dentist. Dental assistants have tasks such as sterilizing dental devices, informing patients about appropriate oral hygiene, planning patient appointments, and assisting patients with billing and payment.

Coronal polishing means removing structures that damage the tooth enamel, such as plaque. This gives the teeth a cleaner appearance. Dental assistants expose the teeth to a thin, plastic material. This sealing application absorbs food particles and acid-producing bacteria to protect the teeth from tooth decay. Fluoride application is another anticavity prevention method by dental assistants. Some dental assistants can apply topical anesthesia. As you can see, the dental assistant is a very important job for human health. Therefore, the dental assistant salary should be satisfactory.

3. Medical Assistant Salary

Another wonder salary is the medical assistant. Medical assistants contribute to the fulfillment of administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of doctors, hospitals and other health facilities. It takes place as a subsidiary. The tasks vary depending on their expertise, size, and location of the application. Medical assistants receive and record the personal information of the patient. They should keep this information confidential and speak only to other healthcare professionals who are interested in treating the patient.

Approximately 60% of medical assistants work at the Offices of physicians. The remaining medical assistants are working in private, local and state hospitals. In addition, most medical assistants work full time. Sometimes, they may have to work in the evenings, on weekends and even on holidays to fill shifts.

Medical assistants cover an important place in our lives and will increase their importance. In the next 10 years, considering the population growth, the number of medical assistants is expected to increase by approximately 30%. However, electronic health records, ie the computerized EHR system will be difficult to be a medical assistant to be switched. Hence the medical assistant salary will be increased. EHRs cause changes in some of the work of medical assistants. More and more doctors adopt EHRs and prefer to keep all patient information electronically instead of paper. For this reason, medical assistants need to learn EHR software used in hospitals, clinics or doctor offices.

4. Administrative Assistant Salary

Many companies are looking for a responsible administrative assistant to handle various administrative and office tasks. The administrative assistant, who provides support to managers and employees, assists the daily office needs and manages the general administrative activities of the companies. For this reason, the administrative assistant salary should be very well established for companies. Otherwise, things will start to fail. An unhappy administrative assistant may lead a company out of control.

We can list the duties and specialties of the administrative assistant as follows:

  • Set up travel plans
  • Organizing a meeting
  • Preparing report
  • Mastering the filing system
  • Great oral and written communication skills
  • Expert in the use of MS Excel and other office programs

In addition, administrative assistants should assist the company management and all visitors by providing professional assistance through telephone, mail, and e-mail by undertaking their bureau duties. Therefore, administrative assistants should always be correct, professional, polite and attentive. They should always be prepared and sensitive to any difficulties that may occur in the workplace. Above all, administrative assistants must have a real desire to meet the needs of others. Here, therefore, the administrative assistant salary should be the answer to this desire. That should satisfy the administrative assistant.

I also want to talk about the differences between the administrative assistant and the executive assistant, who are often confused with each other. There are some basic differences between the Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant. The biggest difference between the executive assistant and the administrative assistant is that the executive assistant salary is more than the other. The reason for this is that the executive assistants keep on the right side of people like the president, vice president or CEO. Administrative assistants deal with routine tasks related to keeping the company together. For example; to answer phone calls.


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